Hi and welcome to our Robbie Tribute website. From here on in we are dedicated to the man who is ‘Robbie Williams’ with the No 1 Tribute who always gets re-booked – He’s The One!

‘He’s The One’, a fun, energetic show dedicated to the sheer brilliance that is Robbie Williams, executed with point blank accuracy by the uniquely talented Lee Pashley.

Already an established vocalist in his own right, Lee Pashley relives the magic and essence that is Robbie. His breathtaking tribute combines Robbie’s trademark arrogance with his own natural humour. Lee gives an electrifying stage performance which shakes the audience to the core and leaves them aching for more.

Lee is often asked if he mimes to the real thing – a compliment indeed!

Whether you need ‘Robbie Williams’ for a Birthday,Wedding,a special event big or small, we can help.Have a chat with us today about this No 1 Show that everyone is talking about.
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Mark Ritchie ‘The Stage’

It is hardly a surprise to hear that a singer of this quality and accuracy is at the top of the Williams tribute pecking order. Absolutley the best Tribute i have ever seen to Robbie Williams.
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