Robbie is Back

Robbie back on top of the Brits!
Williams, the most decorated singer at the Brits, gave a slick performance to celebrate his 16th Brit Award after previously winning 11 gongs as a solo artist and four with Take That.
Williams, 36, who wore a sharp black suit, appeared overwhelmed by his achievement,

He later added: ''Thank you so much for this award. God bless you, thank you.''
Williams was also nominated in this year's Best British male solo artist category, but lost out to Dizzee Rascal.
Despite his huge wealth and long-standing reputation as an entertainer, Williams has remained dogged by depression and insecurity during his career, which has taken him from fresh-faced boyband member to solo phenomenon.
Born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in 1974, Williams's life was transformed when at 16 he became Take That's youngest member alongside Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Mark Owen.
His mother, a drugs counsellor, had spotted an advert for members to join a new pop group to be assembled by Nigel Martin-Smith.
The band went on to become the most successful British pop act of the early 1990s with eight number one singles, but cracks began to form as Williams clashed with Barlow, the group's main singer-songwriter.
He began to rebel against the group's clean-cut image, and indulged in a weekend of drinking with Oasis at Glastonbury.
Following his acrimonious departure from Take That in 1995, Williams began bingeing on cocaine and alcohol and was admitted to rehab.
His weight ballooned and he would go missing for long periods, convinced he was being followed by ghosts.
He once said of this ''black hole'' period: ''These may have been delusions, drug-induced psychosis or something, but I was too drunk to care.
''I used to run around the house naked clutching a bottle of vodka, shouting, 'Come on you ***, you don't scare me'.''
His solo career appeared to get off to a faltering start when he sued his old record company and fired three managers in quick succession.
His first solo album, Life Thru a Lens, initially peaked at 11.
It was his ballad Angels, believed to be a tribute to his mother Jan, which kick-started Williams's career, becoming one of his biggest selling worldwide hits and propelling his album to number one.
He teamed up with songwriting partner Guy Chambers for his second album, producing a string of hits including: Strong, Millennium and She's The One.
Further multi-million selling albums followed, such as Sing When You're Winning, Swing When You're Winning and Escapology.
Buoyed by huge commercial success, Williams stoked his ongoing feud with Liam Gallagher of Oasis when, at the Brits awards in 2000, he challenged the Oasis frontman to a televised boxing match for £100,000.
In August 2003, Williams performed to about 375,000 fans during three sell-out nights at Knebworth.
A Greatest Hits compilation was released, but Williams took a rest from music after his seventh studio album Rudebox received mixed reviews.
During his self-imposed career break in Los Angeles, when he indulged his interest in UFOs, Williams's former band mates reunited, enjoying massive comeback success.
It was in the shadow of Take That's resurgent popularity that Williams last year launched his comeback album Reality Killed The Video Star with a performance on the X Factor.
However, the much-promoted album was narrowly beaten to the number one spot by boyband JLS.
In his personal life Williams now appears contented, reportedly becoming engaged to actress Ayda Field in late 2009, after previously being linked to a string of high profile women, including Nicole Appleton, Rachel Hunter and Geri Halliwell.
Relations between Williams and his former band mates also appear to have thawed, with both sides pledging to perform together once again in the future.
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iTunes Live From London EP Available Now

19 Dec 2009
Whilst the weather on Thursday night was at freezing point, the atmosphere in the Apple store on London's Regent Street was sizzling with excitement as the crowd in the very intimate venue waited with baited breath for Robbie to hit the stage. Whilst the weather on Thursday night was at freezing point, the atmosphere in the Apple store on London's Regent Street was sizzling with excitement as the crowd in the very intimate venue waited with baited breath for Robbie to hit the stage. And when he did, he didn't disappoint!
Now you can grab a piece of the excitement from the night with the iTunes Live From London EP which was recorded live at the in-store performance and is available now from iTunes.
Click here to buy your copy now, and don't forget you can also gift the EP - if you're stuck for a last minute Christmas gift what better present to give than Robbie's latest live recording!
Tracklist for iTunes Live From London EP:

  1. Morning Sun (live)
  2. Starstruck (live)
  3. Feel (live)
  4. Come Undone (live)
  5. Rock DJ (live)
  6. You Know Me (live)What a Brilliant week....The children in need gig was the most fun I've
    had in a long time....So was loose women
    Such a nice vibe back stage....
    And the race to number 1 in the uk?
    Didn't quite do it fell short by about 1,500 ..How close was that?
    I called Marvin to talk to the JLS boys and sent my congratulations.They were
    really chuffed and it made me feel good for them...
    I was semi gutted for half an hour because I know how hard everyone's
    worked...from EMI to Management to all of you that supported me and
    bought the record....
    Then I saw the bigger picture and realised what an amazing week it's
    been ....The album's doing amazingly well all over the world
    and I'm very grateful and touched by all the support
    Thankyou,thankyou thankyou......
    and thankyou x
    P.S I get the feeling for the most part you really dig the album..and
    That's the best part of my job right there...... ; )

Robbie Williams ready to play with Take That - once he's completed own chart-topping comeback!

ROBBIE Williams would love to play a gig with Take That ... but only when he is back on top of the charts.
Heralding his comeback yesterday with a frenzy of public appearances, Robbie said this summer had not been the right time for him to rejoin Gary Barlow and Co.
He was worried that critics would say he was only back with the band after his last album flopped.
The 35-year-old told Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles: "Perception was such that it was, 'Oh look, he's had to get up with these ( Take That) now that Rudebox has failed.
"I thought I'd wait a little and get my album out.
"Then I can go and play with my mates."
When asked if he fancied rejoining, he said:"Yeah, I do. I don't know so much about all the dancing and that. I'd like to. It'd be fun." Robbie said he was friends with the band again and was a huge fan of their last tour.
He said: "I was with Gary Barlow a couple of weeks ago and we watched the whole show together at mine.
"I just thought it's one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was an amazing show and I loved it.
"It made me want to be with them in the band."
Robbie said he had felt low when he watched the Take That documentary before their reunion, at which he failed to turn up.
He said: "It was very sad. I watched it and wished I had have been there. But I didn't know that was going to be the end of the documentary.
"I think that was a bit cruel because the production people knew I wasn't going to be there.
"I suppose the documentary had to have an ending of some sort and unfortunately it was that.
"It was sad when I watched it and I wish I had been there."
Robbie has had six No1s, the last in 2004 , since he walked out on Take That.
Rumours ran wild in the summer that he would join the band on their Circus tour, which attracted 150,000 people to Hampden Park over three nights in July.
Now fans will be waiting to see if Gary, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald take Robbie up on the offer to perform with them again.
Yesterday, the Stoke-born singer was all over TV and radio promoting his new single, Bodies, which he personally delivered to Chris Moyles to play on Radio 1. It is released on October 8.
The track comes from the album Reality Killed The Video Star, which has been masterminded by veteran producer Trevor Horn and is out on November 9.
The title is a nod to Trevor's chart-topping hit with Buggles in 1979, Video Killed The Radio Star.
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5 Aug 2009
We’re very excited to announce that Robbie Williams will be releasing his much-anticipated new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, on November 9th, 2009.
However, ahead of that, the first single to be released will be Bodies, on October 12th, with the digital version available one day earlier on the 11th.


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